On this auspicious, 30th day of August 2008, Osho Ashwani jee was standing outside the rear exit of Buddha Hall of Murthal Ashram, when clock striked 11:30 and our beloved satguru Siddhartha Jee came out after his afternoon session of Divya Samadhi.

They then went to the construction site of Maun Kunj, where H.H. Sadguru Siddhartha Jee, today at 11:32 AM, laid the Foundation Stone of Maun Kunj. This place has its own importance as it will teach how to stay in eternal bliss throughout the life. This place will be used by graduates of Sahej Samadhi, who will learn to be in stage beyond Sahej and be like other great saints.

Few pictures from the eve…


Reception & Galleria

July 6, 2008


It is a happy moment for the oshodhara’s well wishers to know that sadguru osho siddhartha ji has given a green flag to start developing the new double storied premises for the Reception.

Main features:-


#  Spacious reception with apx. 10-15 seating capacity.

#  Double story fully  computerized  Galleria.

#  Cafeteria with 20 seats.

#  Computer room.

#  Library.

#  Sadguru  Trivir offices.

#  Conference room.

#  Lift and many more ……..  .



proposed layout for the 4 story building, meditation hall and buffet dining room.


Sadguru Osho Sidharth Jee’s dream to have a Maun Kunj or the silent zone at murthal ashram has come true. Designing of same has been started. It will be situated in the south-east corner of ashram.


Proposed Features…

  • 60 twin sharing bed – rooms
  • Individual attached bathrooms
  • Silent Meditation Hall
  • Separate Buffet (Take Away)
  • A beautiful garden with water bodies
  • Three storey building with lift and stair cases


The best part is that this Maun Kunj will also have a separate room for sadguru trivir on their wish. Sadugurus wish to pay personal attention and sharing to sannyasis living in this campus.

work will be commenced with in second week of august apx.

Basic proposal has been approved and the work will be soon in progress. As per the proposal, entire building might come up by end of this year.





Work in progress in the second week of August 2008

The broad vision of Sadguru Osho Siddhartha Jee has helped sannyasis stay during programs with increased privacy.  Entire dormitory has been partitioned into 4 large rooms. Each room consists of 9 beds and individual side cabinets.




July 6, 2008

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